Additional capabilities of LoadTrac-III


 • Force and displacement control.

• Up to 11 kN(2,500 lbs.) load capacity.

• Displacement transducer with 50mm(2 in.) rangeand 0.0013 mm(0.00005 in.) resolution.

• Built in electronic controls for automatic display ofdata and control of test.

• Geo-NET™ compatibility for network accessibilityand control.

• Stand alone capability for manual control and dataacquisition. 


 • Incremental consolidation and swell withpore pressure measurements capability.

• Unconfined compression (UC) on samplesup to 70mm (2.80 in.) in diameter. 

With addition of FlowTrac-II 

• Controlled strain loading consolidation

• Triaxial and stress path tests on 35mm (1.40in.) diameter samples.