Soil is a complex three-componental elasto-plastic material.  


 There are lot of models of a soil, but at performance of calculations on durability, stability and deformation is extremely important to use in  calculation authentic characteristics of properties of a soil. Automation of process of tests, when mistakes and the errors created by the human factor are appreciably eliminated, can provide it only.


People, which understands all these problems, can create test apparatus of the highest class. Such expert is the Ph.D. professor of Massachusets technology institute W. Allen Marr whom in 1982 has based in the USA company Geocomp corp., carrying out a complex of engineering researches, monitoring of constructions during construction and operation and development of equipment for soil tests.

 Devices of Geocomp corp. have an original design and assembling, are compact, simple in service. Besides standard models Geocomp corp. makes devices under requirements of the customer.

Benefit of testing systems Geocomp corp. is the modular principle of their assembling and flexibility of the software, allowing on a course of test to change the characteristic of the subsequent procedures, to look through the running test data in a graphic and digital forms, to correct them, automatically to receive reports and in necessary cases to build on digital data the user schedules in Excel and similar to it.

 Equipment Geocomp corp. can work at negative temperatures and be used for tests frozen soils in accordance with GOST 12248-96. For the Russian consumers it is rather actual in connection with development of northern territories and distribution of a permafrost more, than on 50 % of territory of the country.

Distinctive feature of the equipment is the electromechanical drive of loading frames and pumps that provides exact both a positive control and the control of parameters of test. 


1. Significant economy of time of tests due to automatic transition to the subsequent stage of tests in a time off of day

2. Reduction of mistakes of the personnel connected with fixing of indications of devices and change of loading

3. Economy of expenditures of labour, management from one computer several devices – up to 10.

4. Economy of the laboratory areas

5. Increase of competitiveness