Rowe Consolidation


The hydraulic Rowe Cell system is used because of its multiple drainage ( up to eight conditions) options as well as the capability of testing large diameter sam-ples through the use of water pressure on a flexible diaphragm. Furthermore, free strain and equal strain can be applied by applying the water pressure on the top of the sample through a flexible platen or a rigid one.

The FlowTrac II system for consolidation testing using the hydraulic Rowe-type consolidation cell automates an entire consolidation test. Once a sample is placed into the Rowe cell, the test condi-tions programmed and the test started, FlowTrac II performs the entire test without intervention. The system automatically initializes, back pressure saturates, and consolidate incrementally by using conditions specified by the user. A typical incremental consolidation test can be completed in 36 to 48 hours on most materials.

This system may be programmed with a series of steps. At the end of each step, the system will automatically move to the next step based on the computer deter-mining that the specified conditions for completion of consolidation for the previous step are reached. Any load-unload-reload pattern may be specified. Flow-Trac II consolidation system lets you complete tests faster with less man time. An entire test can usually be completed in 12 to 24 hours. Complete detailed tabular and graphical reports can be prepared in minutes after completing the test using a PC and a printer or plotter. 


  • Displacement transducers with up to 50 mm (2.0 in.) range and 0.0013 mm (0.00005 in) resolution
  • Choose capacity from 250, and 750 cc models
  • Choice of pressure range to obtain required gradi-ents and pressure resolution
  • Built-in pressure transducer and electronics
  • Accurate flow rate control from 0.000006 to 3 cc per second
  • Built-in electronic controls for automatic display of data and control of test
  • Geo-NET compatibility allows unit to be accessed and controlled over a computer network 


  • ASTM D-2435 One-Dimensional Consolidation Properties Of Soils
  • BS 1377: Part 6 Consolidation And Permeability Tests In Hydraulic Cells And With Pore Pressure Measurements 


CAPACITY250 cc, and 750 cc
MOTORMicro-stepper motor with built-in controls
FLOW RANGE0.000006 to 3 cc per second
POWER110/220 V, 50/60 Hz, lphase
DIMENSIONS203 mm x 406 mm x 470 mm (8 in. x l6in. x 18.5 in.)
WEIGHT14 kg (30 lbs.)
FTII-250-nn250 cc capacity
FTII-750-nn750 cc capacity
FnnMaximum pressure range for system: 350, 700, 1,000, 2,000 and 3,500 kPa (50, 150, 300 and 500 psi) available (resolution of pressure will be 0.00005 times the range)
Part NumberSample DiameterSample Height
RWE-63.563.5 mm (2.5 in.)30 mm (1.2 in.)
RWE-150150mm (6.0 in.)50 mm (2.0 in.)

For viewing forms of the report and the interface of the operating program click the mouse on a corresponding miniature.