Our projects

The control of productions over all branches of manufacture, and especially in the mining industry, has extremely great value in connection with enormous volumes of extraction of mineral resources. The mistake in an estimation of processed volumes in 0,1 % in money terms is estimated in six degree order and more.


We offer the certificated standard materials because are assured - there are no two identical laboratories with absolutely identical tests and operating conditions. In real conditions definition of the maintenance of an element is carried out on a background of presence of one or several basic components, various interelement effects, effects of a matrix, and this list can be continued and continued. These problems become more and more significant as the best reproducibility is required at continuous perfection of technics. Thus, the standards made specially under your problems are required.


Correct both accurate sampling and correct operations on the subsequent crushing, division and grinding - all this is provided at use of the equipment delivered by "VVS-engineering". At sampling should be provided, repeatability and reliability of results. The equipment delivered by "VVS-engineering" is calculated on large volume sample, as provides representativeness, repeatability and reliability of results.


In the Russian market company "VVS-engineering" is the reliable supplier of production of the leading companies of Australia, USA, Canada, the Republic of South Africa, making the equipment of a world level. Such equipment provides the minimal working costs and high efficiency of laboratory processes. The primary purpose which can be solved thus is the exact and reliable result providing highly effective functioning of the enterprise.


Company "VVS-engineering" is the exclusive supplier of the equipment for engineering researches of the USA company «GEOCOMP Corporation». The equipment has quality of a world level, without problems is adjusted on testing as under standards ASTM, and in accordance with GOST. Devices are created under direction of professor Massachusets technology institute Allen Marr and by the opportunities provide performance of research problems and routine tests.